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Block II: Leading Innovation

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What you’ll learn in this module

In this Leading Innovation module, we’ll discuss how to overcome resistance to change and how to give delicate feedback and have difficult conversations. We’ll also discuss what innovation looks like at Trinity Health and create our Personal Action Plan.

Giving Delicate Feedback

An essential task as a leader we must develop is the ability to have difficult conversations and give delicate feedback. The growing pains we’ll experience as we go through this major system-wide innovation will require these conversations, but everyday work with your team will require these skills as well. 

August Leadership Roundtable speaker Kathleen Lapekas, PHR, SHRM-CP, provided a simple eight step framework for simplifying any difficult conversation:

  1. Introduce the conversation by asking for a few minutes to talk
  2. Ask permission to give the individual feedback.
  3. Describe the observed behavior — “I’ve Noticed…”
  4. Share the impact of the behavior
  5. Ask the recipient for his/her thoughts or perception of the situation
  6. Make a suggestion or request for what you’d like the person to do next time
  7. Build an agreement on next steps
  8. Say “Thank You!”


    You’ll find extra blank templates for this conversation framework on pages 9-10 of your workbook. Use these templates to plan out the next difficult conversation you’ll need to have with a teammate.

Click here to watch Kathleen demonstrate this conversation in less than two minutes.

Overcoming Resistance to Change


With COVID, we experienced a time of great change accompanied by great struggle and stress due to the devastating circumstances and the indefinite end. With the move to the HCMD, even though it is a positive outcome with distinct final end point, we will still experience the struggle and stress of change. 

As humans, we often resist change because we have a great fear of the unknown, we may be overwhelmed by other personal or professional responsibilities so the change can be the one more thing we just can’t bear, we can be angry we weren’t consulted or included in the change and we can disagree with the change and not think it’s the right direction to take.  

At work, change can make us feel helpless and out of control over the important events that affect our lives. We can feel grief over the loss of friends through layoffs or reassignments. We can feel our security has been threatened with a lack of certainty about the future, can have an identity crisis due to changing job duties or status and can feel confusion from rumors or incomplete information about what the changes really mean. We can also feel weighed down by a physical and mental fatigue from the number and speed of changes we’re facing.

Unfortunately, change is the only constant and an inevitability in work and in life. To weather the changes that come, we must develop personal resilience and increase our ability to adapt and bounce back from the temporary challenges change presents. 

Resilient people have particular attributes we can develop to increase our capacity to cope with change, adapt to our new reality and even take advantage of the opportunities change presents: 

-Proactive: they watch for coming changes and take time to prepare themselves

-Well-organized: they assess what is needed so they can develop a plan and anticipate problems

-Flexible: they see more than one way to approach a challenge

-Patient: they maintain a sense of humor when faced with change

-Focused: they understand the goal/vision and use it to guide their actions

-Positive: they know change is normal, challenging and potentially rewarding and embrace change with a “can do” attitude.

My Personal Action Plan

All of these insights can increase our sense of overwhelm if we don’t translate them into action, so it’s important to take the time to plan how we will put these tools into practice.

Refer to page 11 in your workbook and answer the following:

1. What’s the most compelling “Why” for the HCMD?
2. What are two changes you need to communicate?
3. What is an innovation you need to lead?
4. Do you need to have any difficult conversations?
5. Schedule your action steps now.


Integrating What We’ve Learned

FY2023 Planner

Access a digital download of the FY2023 Planner with all yearly, quarterly, and monthly planning pages from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.


Download the Leader-to-Leader Update and Leader-to-Leader Agenda to prepare for your 1:1 meetings with your leader and direct reports.


If the paper planner isn’t as convenient for you, try using this digital, fillable pdf to work through your quarterly, monthly, and annual planning.
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Intentionally make room for the four focuses of a leader and commit to strategy with timeblocking your big three and top priorities with the daily pages for FY2023.
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Revisit the exercises from Triannual III, helping to process and integrate what you’ve learned about Engagement and Experience with the Triannual III workbook.
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Leadership + Resilience, Leading Innovation, Trinity Innovation, Innovation in Action

Block I: Leadership + Resilience

In this Leadership model, we’ll look back at how far we’ve come on our Leadership Quest and look ahead to the Summit we’re about to climb, we’ll focus on “The Why” behind the move to the HCMD and we’ll learn models for communicating change to our team.

Block II: Leading Innovation

 In this Leading Innovation module, we’ll discuss how to overcome resistance to change and how to give delicate feedback and have difficult conversations. We’ll also discuss what innovation looks like at Trinity Health and create our Day 1 Action Plan.

Block III: Trinity Health Innovation

In this Trinity Innovation module, we’ll discuss our biggest innovation in a century—our move to the HCMD campus in the spring. We’ll hear from the Senior Leaders about improvements at the new campus and get our questions about the transition answered.

Block IV: Innovation in Action

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