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MISSION, VISION, VALUES: Who are you, where are you headed, and what do you stand for?

We’ve been sprinting so hard to reach the summit and make it to the peak of finally moving into the HCMD. We’ve flexed our leadership muscles and developed our communication skills, worked to be more collaborative with multiple departments as we coordinate logistics, and done our best to keep our personal resilience reserves strong to buoy us through the transition.

Though we’ve hit our goal and have so much to celebrate, this moment of goal achievement can feel empty and disappointing for some. Through all of the hard work, energy, and effort put into making the move happen we’ve built so much adrenaline and excitement and we’ve bonded with our team through adversity, but as the dust settles, our adrenaline and excitement can begin to fade into confusion and uncertainty. 

Now that we’ve accomplished our target goal and “crossed the finish line” of launching services at the HCMD, we can begin to feel unsettled without a clearly defined goal to chase. Many of us thrive on having something big to tackle, an achievement just beyond reach we have to strive to conquer, and completing such a big goal can leave a void.

There will still be plenty to do as we settle in to the HCMD and adjust to the new routine, but the measured and balanced work of establishing and maintaining rhythms can be hard to adjust to after such a big season of sprinting. 

To re-ignite your fire and drive, take some time this week during your 10% Secret planning session to revisit Trinity Health’s Mission, Vision, and Values. These key tenets are our definitive guide to who we are, where we’re headed, what we stand for, and the impact we hope to deliver. 

Take some time to reflect on these Trinity Health ideals:
-Am I living the Mission, Vision, and Values in everything I do? 
-Am I committed to Making More Possible for my team, patients, the community?
-What can I personally do to help Trinity Health realize our vision?

Then, use 5 minutes at your department meeting to determine what you can do as a team to move Trinity Health forward:
-How does the work of our team directly impact our mission?
-Will our current habits and behaviors lead us toward our vision? If not, what can we adjust to help us create our desired future?
-How well do we embody Trinity Health values? Which practices could we improve on each month to deepen our expression of each value?

If you could write your own personal mission statement, values list, and vision for the future, what would they entail?
-What am I committed to achieving in my time at Trinity Health?
-What do I stand for and what attitudes, behaviors, and priorities are essential to how I work?
-What kind of future do I want to create – for myself, my family, my team, and my community?

Let these principles fuel you and drive you forward into this next season. Though we’ve made it to the peak, the work is not done. We have much to accomplish as we chart our legacy and continue to make Trinity Health a beacon of exceptional care.

The HCMD is simply the first step in our journey to Making More Possible for our patients and their families, and living our mission, vision, and values will take a new surge of energy, commitment, and momentum. Our next great quest on the road to excellence begins today!

LEADER-TO-LEADER: Role Clarity Reset

In January, we took time in our Leader-to-Leader meeting to reset expectations around our roles and the roles of those on your team. 

Especially when things are busy, our role in the organization can take on many new levels and new responsibilities can change the focus of our position and alter the results we must reach to win. 

It’s important to revisit these roles and expectations every few months, and more vital than ever at this time as the move to the HCMD has reorganized many of our processes and procedures, too. 

Take some time to review your position with your leader, make adjustments to evolving projects and priorities, and gain alignment on what’s expected over the next few months.

If you need a refresh on how to outline your roles and responsibilities, here’s a simple way to gain clarity on your role and what’s expected of you so you can move forward with confidence and clarity:

1) In one sentence, state a summary of your position

2) List three Key Results Areas you’re responsible for (think about what you were hired to accomplish, what are the main activities you do every day, and which activities are most essential for Trinity Health’s success)

3) For each Key Area, what does winning look like? (who is affected, what will you have accomplished, why was this work essential?)

4) For each Key Area, what will it take to accomplish that win? (A sales person may need to make 50 calls per day to work towards their win. A great nurse manager may need to complete 15 minutes of employee rounding each day. What are the essential steps you must take in your role?)

5) Share your answers with your leader and communicate frequently about any challenges or obstacles you may face along the way. And, of course, celebrate your wins when you’re able to make progress in these Key Areas!

Important note about role clarity:
-Your role and responsibilities will ebb and flow throughout your career, even if you have the same title and job description. Use this exercise to gain clarity with your leader about the next 3-6 months, then revisit this exercise and make any adjustments that are needed as you re-assess your role. 

*Adapted from Ramsey Solutions + Smartsheet

TRIANNUAL PLAYLIST: Reigniting Your Fire + Drive

It’s time to dive into our next season at Trinity Health, working to truly live out our mission, vision, and values and make a lasting impact on our region.

Pump yourself up on the way to work with the Triannual Playlist and put yourself back into the right frame of mind to succeed as a leader and excel as a team. 

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